let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I am a 26 year old self-taught artist… I love colour, and I am quirky, but not too much. I love people and positivity. I am a nature person and take a lot of inspiration from where I come from. I am addicted to tea. My favourite number is 8 and I can never decide on a favourite colour.
I am inspired by everyday life and the things around me, but I would say my three loves are architecture, animals (insects included) and flowers. I enjoy focusing on the tiny details and quirky history left behind within a building. As for flowers! It is all about the colour, the freedom and the mood they bring out. When it comes to animals, I like the different, the underdog, the weird and the wonderful.
I specialize in ink and watercolour materials, along with producing commercial illustration's a few prints and greeting cards, I am lucky to always have personal commissions and originals on order. These can range from sentimental animals to wedding venues and first houses. So pleased feel free to contact me regarding an original piece. Most of all I just enjoy creating little pieces of me.